​Past Events


Young Leaders Council AIMA Gujarat chapter was successfully launched on 12th March 2020 with an interesting session on MegaTrends 2020 : How Our World is being Shaped by Ambassador Deepak Vohra.

The session was organized by YLC Gujarat Chapter members in collaboration with Navsari Management Association. The session was very well received by audience.

YLC, Bengaluru Chapter Event, Saturday,1st Feb 2020

Young Leaders Council, AIMA organised a Chapter event in Bengaluru on Saturday 1st Feb 2020, a session on “Growth from 1 to 100” with speaker Mr Mithun Sundar, CEO , Lendingkart and ex-Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer at Myntra followed by a Stand Up Comedy on Entrepreneurship with Mr Anmol Garg Founder, Sales5X | Sales Trainer, Coach & Consultant | Stand Up Comedian!. The session was very well received by YLC members

YLC Session on “Storytelling : Leadership Communication & Brand Building“

Young Leaders Council, AIMA Delhi Chapter organised a session on ‘Storytelling : Leadership Communication & Brand Building’ on 20th December. The session was very well received.

Speaker Ms Malvika Chandan shared her thoughts on types of storytelling being ones that Ignite our inner fire, Educate, Simplify, Motivate & Launch movements. She also discussed Oratory tools viz  analogies, metaphors, rhetoric, anaphora, captatio benevolentiae, praeteritio and Public speaking tools with examples of great leaders that helped audience hone their skills.

Mr Ajay Nahar Session Chair Wipro Insights Leaders and YLC Member also shared some wonderful facts on how using Storytelling as a tool can help marketing professional in connecting with their clients.

Interaction with College of Defence Management team, 12th December, 2019

Session on Artificial Intelligence by Mr Kartik Sharma - Director, Agnitio & Member of AIMA Young Leaders Council

Interactive Session on Finding The Leader Within

Young Leaders Council, AIMA in collaboration with Membership Department organized a session on Finding The Leader Within, with Professor Anupam Sibal, MD, FIMSA, FIAP, FRCP (Glasg), FRCP (Lon), FRCPCH, FAAP, Group Medical Director and Senior Pediatrician, Apollo Hospitals Group on 6th December 2019. The session was chaired by YLC member Ms Jasrita Dhir , Head - Brand, Marketing & CSR at Fortis Healthcare. Dr Sibal weaved wonderful stories of courageous leaders from across the world, who made their mark despite several challenges . The session inspired audience to see past their challenges and make the most of this one opportunity called life. He also reiterated virtues that define leadership - Humility, Courage, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Giving and Gratitude to name a few.