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Kartik Sharma
Artificial Intelligence Thought Leader
Past Chairman

As a first generation startup entrepreneur with very limited exposure to the business community, I believe AIMA YLC has been an amazing network for me to lean on. I have met inspiring leaders here who have helped me not only grow professionally but personal guidance and mentorship I have received is beyond words. It feels great to be part of this diverse group which is like my personal support group who is there for me for any support. I look at YLC as my extended family whom I can trust and call upon for any advise
Darshan Rathod
Co-founder, Acumen M&A Advisors

I joined AIMA-YLC during the COVID-19 lockdown period... I was wondering how the Council would help its members during the lockdown period. I was pleasantly surprised with the swiftness and quality of online webinars that AIMA-YLC arranged during the lockdown period. I have personally benefited by attending a few of the online talks that were relevant to my area of interest. The Council is also very active in promoting their members on global platforms - My name was recommended by AIMA-YLC to speak at a Horasis Global event that happened on the 22 June 2020. Within such a short period of time, I have found the vibrant activity of the Council contagious and am now looking forward to giving my time to the Council for furthering the community. I am looking forward to physical events, whenever they restart, to see additional benefits of networking and exposure that a vibrant community like AIMA-YLC brings to its members!
Kunal Mandal
AIMA YLC Member and Co-Founder – Gyaanspace

"Being a member of AIMA YLC unlocks a world of opportunities for young leaders, empowering them with knowledge, networks, and the resources needed to excel in today's dynamic business environment."
Zankhit Desai
AIMA YLC Member and Senior Manager - Elixia Tech Solutions Ltd

I got the opportunity to be a part of YLC AIMA back in April 2021 through a friend and also a part of YLC AIMA. Back then, I had no clue of its worth and the platform it can provide. As time passed, I found the value it can create not only in your own development but to the entire ecosystem. I am now an active contributor and hopefully in the near future will take YLC AIMA to a greater height.

Thank you “Consulting Legend Richard Rekhy sir ( Board Member at KPMG US Dubai ) for sparing your valuable time and most importantly sharing your invaluable wisdom with a young professional like me. It is rightly said that a conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of mere study of books. Thank you for making me comfortable enough to open my heart and share my vulnerabilities, and also sharing actionable insights from your decades of experience. We talked about building a high-performance culture, how to take criticism, an entrepreneur’s mindset, building a team, hiring best practices, motivation, continuous improvement, upskilling, and a lot more. I will apply your suggestions to improve myself significantly and as you said, become the absolute ” Best in Class “! Thank you once again for your support and consideration. I would also like to thank the All India Management Association (AIMA) and Young Leaders Council AIMA for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Mentor: Mr Richard Rekhy, Entrepreneur and Board Member, Former Chief Executive Officer -KPMG in India
Mentee: Arun Pandit, Co-founder, Hyphen SCS

Mentor Mentee relationship isn't a formal one all the time, it isn't about documents and work calls but also daily interactions which help you at large. Kartik's mentoring has been an example for me. He has helped me develop my own skills of listening and approachability. YLC has given me some of my best learnings, people and experiences. Looking forward to many more.

Mentor: Mr Kartik Sharma, National Chair AIMA YLC & Artificial Intelligence Thought Leader

Sunil’s candidness is something which appeals me all the time. He is effortless when it comes to mentoring young professionals like me. Always willing to listen and absorb with the same enthusiasm when guiding and making me execute stuff. He creates an air which is friendly and thus is easy to learn. Thanks to YLC for creating this amazing ecosystem and hoping it grows for the benefit of all of us!

Mentor: Mr Sunil Seth, Head of Strategy - HFCL Limited

Sameer Manglani, Guide & Mentor Interactions with Sameer are less but very useful as his advices are practical and contemporary. It's always a delight to be around him and listen to him as a mentor. He gives a modern perspective to all the current business needs & planning. Always grateful for the time & preferences given.

Mentor: Sameer Manglani, National Empowerment Chair – AIMA YLC and Partner – Meena Bazaar
Mentee: Anupriya Agarwal, Budding Brand Strategist, New Born Entrepreneur - Maxworth Impact